Fleur Peters (1995) is fascinated by light and color, which translates into glass work, in which she investigates the relationship between craft and contemporary design. She thinks it is important to develop traditional crafts. She does this by combining crafts with modern production techniques. The sun is her greatest source of inspiration. Her aim is to make sunlight visible with her object and product designs. The reflections, refractions, shadows and colors of the glass interact with the light and give depth to her designs.

Fleur Peters is an Object Designer and started her education at SintLucas Boxtel. In 2019 she graduated Cum Laude as a product designer at Willem de Kooning Academy. In addition to her own studio, Fleur is a teacher in (digital) design at SintLucas Boxtel. 

Photographer: Jet van Gaal
Collaboration: Saudade Collective

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